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Where to Go in Fiji for Honeymoon

Finding the perfect place for your honeymoon could be very daunting. According to TripSavvy, couples should expect to spend an average of $4,466 on their honeymoon. However, if you want an extravagant vacation, that will cost you. Expect to pay an average of $9,954 for an 11-day luxury vacation.

If you are searching for the ideal location, uncrowded and pristine beaches, the friendliest people in the world, and adventure, you will not go wrong going to Fiji. It is also known as Fiji Islands, is a Melanesian country, located in the heart of South Pacific Ocean.


It stretches from Hawaii to New Zealand (66% of the islands) and covers an archipelago that includes 333 islands. Roughly 110 out of those 333 islands are inhabited, by some of the happiest people on Earth.

Known for its all-inclusive resorts, luxurious private-islands, top spas, outdoor adventures and culinary goals, Fiji is celebrated for its way of life. You will find that the Fijians are incredibly welcoming people. They will see you on the street or the bus and start talking to you. They will invite you to their homes to meet their families and to tell you about Fiji history and culture.

Fiji’s white sand beaches and crystal clear sea waters offer a perfect vacation spot for honeymooners, divers, and families. Fiji is easily open through convenient direct flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Honolulu by Fiji Airways.

Why Fiji is best fit for honeymoons

Travel to Fiji for your honeymoon and stay in an extravagant ‘bure,’ a hut made of wood and straw. It is inspired by nearby homes with, particularly fantastic and unconventional techniques. Let the breeze blow in your face as you look out the window at the beautiful blue sea or a blazing red sunset. Looking at that scenery, you realize that you picked the right place to honeymoon. Enjoy those romantic moments: watching the sunrise, booking a couple’s spa, capturing the most passionate moments, at one of the loveliest places on the planet.

Wondering which Island to visit or stay in Fiji

Denarau Island:

Why should you stay at Denaru? It is the mainland, and there are many stores to get nice souvenirs.  Stay at one of the impeccable resorts on the Coral Coast. Just stay at the Denarau Island, just only 20 minutes from the airport. Denarau is an elite ‘gated’ resort territory and home to a bunch of globally marked five-star hotels.

Mamanuca Islands:

The Mamanuca Islands are honored with daylight almost the entire year, offering a list of impressive resorts for different budget plans. Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands are popular with couples on a romantic holidays, or couples who want a Fijian cultural wedding.

Yasawa Islands:

The Yasawa Islands are ideal for couples looking for a unique honeymoon or tropical romantic getaway. Visit a neighborhood town and witness the Fijian culture up and close. The Yasawas are the best for couples on honeymoon. You will discover some of Fiji’s most extravagant resorts here, alongside more bures on the beach.

Viti Levu:

Just make sure to explore the cultural wonders of Fiji. Visit Nadi as well as Suva (the capital) situated on Fiji’s first island Viti Levu before you go. These urban areas are buzzing with clamoring markets, tasty foods, and captivating history.


Taveuni is famous for its world-class diving, which is crazy. From the soft coral sprouts to places like the Great White Wall, highlighting a staggering drop of white coral. Taveuni is the ideal for couples who love diving. It is a brilliant break from city life and an excellent place to bond with your partner.

Lau Island:

If you and your loved one are enthusiastic about deserted and unspoiled beaches, the Lau Island is a must visit. There are just a few hotels, yet it still offers a genuinely romantic experience.

3 Top Resorts to stay in Fiji stay in Fiji


Navutu Stars Resort:

Cuddled up in the northern Yasawa Islands, this 5-star extravagance resort gives an untainted setting to honeymooners or couples. Navutu Stars has a maximum limit of only 20 visitors, guaranteeing mindful administration from the warm and cordial staff. The Grand Bures, all have a curiously large tub in the living room. And every day it is set up with blooms, gliding candles, and scented oils to make the ideal atmosphere for your romantic getaway.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort:

If you wish to be as near the water as possible, try the Likuliku Lagoon Resort – the main resort in Fiji to offer overwater bungalows. The name Likuliku signifies ‘calm waters,’ which is what visitors are in for, at this extravagance resort on Malolo Island, designed just for couples. You can go to the island from Denarau or fly in by helicopter for an extraordinary entrance while you appreciate the relaxation, with calm waters surrounding you.

Laucala Island Resort:

This fantastic private island is where the elite come to relieve their stress. There are 25 villas scattered throughout the resort. Each of the resort is private and segregated, with staggering sceneries and their personalized swimming pool. The island is inconceivably captivating, from the beautiful shorelines to the tropical rainforest and hilly scenes.

When money is not a big deal, these resorts will fulfill your ultimate desires. The stunning scenery, the pleasant experience and romantic moments are all worth the extravagant price.

What activities are there in Fiji?


With around 1000 types of fish and a few hundred sorts of coral reefs, Fiji offers a ‘one of a kind’ diving experience. With more than 4000 square miles of coral reef, Fiji Islands offer divers unparalleled marine biodiversity. Plunge beyond the wonderful reefs; wander around the Gray Reef sharks; dive with the Hammerheads and Whitetips. Expect an adrenalin rush from what is known as the ‘Best shark dive in the world “as you jump with the sharks, watching experienced Fijian divers do the famous ‘shark feeding.'”  It is a fantastic adventure.

Cruising & Sailing:

Cruising is the best way to see most of Fiji. What makes Fiji extraordinary is its large gathering of islands, each with its own unique culture, character, and attractions. To encounter Fiji’s remarkably pristine environment, cruising through Kadavu is an absolute necessity. The fourth-biggest island in Fiji, Kadavu is surprisingly untouched, containing a blend of volcanic towers and breath-taking rainforests.

Nature & Scenic Areas:

For nature lovers, a lot of areas have been protected and open to visit – from mountain to river gorges, mangrove woodlands, and coral reefs. Explore these profound dense rainforests as your lungs take in the freshest air you will ever breathe. Waterfalls fill the pools as you swim. Admire the scenery containing local plants and natural life. Fiji’s forests are home to a vast cluster of amazing flying animals, warm-blooded creatures, reptiles and land and sea creatures.

Indeed, Fiji is a once in a lifetime experience. The culture, dance and the beach make Fiji the picture-perfect place for your honeymoon.

We can help you with planning a trip for your honeymoon and anniversary.

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