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What to do in 7 days visiting Paraty and Angra Dos Reis

Headed over to the Land of the Cross? While Brazil is a gorgeous country, what truly catches the attention of tourists are two municipalities: Paraty and Angra Dos Reis, less than two hours apart. Still, both places are more beautiful than anything imaginable. If you plan to stay for seven days, here is an itinerary for things you can do in Paraty and Angra Dos Reis. I highly recommend renting a car to explore the area because Uber and taxis are limited.


Visiting the Historical Center
Discover the heritage and charm of Paraty by visiting the Historical Center, which sports colorfully painted windows and Portuguese architecture so legendary, and you’ll be blown away. The Historical Center is also a great way to take in the gist of Paraty, a town known for its vibrancy.

Visit the Barra do Corumbê Beach
Barra do Corumbê is a family-friendly beach that serves you with peaceful waves that strike the sand with a soothing noise. The Barra do Corumbê has a child-friendly environment with fun activities, great beachfront restaurants, and shallow waves for all those travelers with fussy kids.


Explore the Jabaquara Mangroves
The Jabaquara Mangroves are just a little distance from Jabaquara Beach and make for a great adventure for nature lovers. Just rent a kayak to get to the mangroves and play between the roots, where a little exposure reveals a secluded bay with sparkling waves.


Boating at Saco do Mamanguá
Saco do Mamanguá is a natural fjord that boasts stunning and simply heavenly views of the sea between mountains. Rent a boat and explore the fjord before stopping at the Saco do Mamanguá beach, where you can spend the rest of the day munching on empanadas and grilled fish. On day three, in the afternoon, head over to Angra Dos Reis.


Visit the Historical Center
Angra dos Reis has a historical center that traces the town’s remarkable history. The historical center also owns intricate architecture that is astonishingly beautiful. For all the history buffs, this place is a great deal.
Sunset at the Biscaia Beach, Ponta Leste
The beach at Biscaia is famed for its magical sunset and makes for an intimate destination for couples. Trust this sunset to bring you closer, whether you’re an old-timer couple or are honeymooning.


Snorkeling at the Lagoa Azul
The “Blue Lagoon,” Lagoa Azul, is one of the most famous spots for snorkeling. This lagoon is known for its crystal-clear water, which helps you make out the fish without the need to dive but feel free to spend the day frolicking in its cool dips and snorkeling among the schools of fish.


Diving at the Sister Islands
Here’s another activity that will take you an entire day: visiting the “Sister Islands,” dubbed the name of the islets of Botina Island. This is the perfect spot for diving because visibility can be as high as 8-10m deep; Talk about clarity!


Island Hopping on A Speedboat
Angra Dos Reis isn’t short on beaches and islands, so the best way to explore them is by going on a speedboat. Just rent a speedboat from an island or book a full-day tour; explore the cuisine of Angra Dos Reis and take breathtaking photos.

Let me know what you think about Paraty and Angra Dos Reis. When you visit Brazil, head over to Copacabana for some sunbathing. Interested in exploring more of South America? Here are some blogs on Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru that you might find interesting.

Happy Travels!


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