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Uros Floating Islands: A Unique Adventure in Puno – Discover the Spectacular Wonders That Await You

Each year, thousands of people head to the Uros Floating Islands to experience a different kind of tourism. Whatever list you’ve made for your traveling goals, visiting the Uros Floating Islands must be at the top of your bucket list.

My blog and photos will provide you everything you need to know about the Uros Floating Islands and why you must add this place to your traveling adventures.

If you want to know where to begin, then Puno is the place to be. Lake Titicaca is located in Puno, and these 44 awe-inspiring floating islands are built on the lake.

The people are known as Uro, Uros, (Uru: Qhas Qut suñi). The Uros are indigenous people from Bolivia and Peru.

History of the Uros Islands

Before we jump into details, let’s have a quick look at the history.

The history of the Uros tribe goes back several years to the Inca civilization times. This ethnic race migrated to the lake about 3,700 years ago from Bolivia and Peru.

At that time, there was political uncertainty in the region. To hide from the enemies, the ancient people formed the floating islands to protect their families.

Getting to Know The Uros

The island is made of totora reed, and almost 2000 people live on the Uros islands.

The people on the floating islands live a very simple life. During your visit, the locals will greet you with absolute warmth and courtesy.

The Uros have adapted very little modern customs and make use of the latest technologies in their everyday life, like utilizing solar power for electricity. The people earn their livelihood from tourism and fishing.

The Magnificent Views of the Floating Islands

No doubt this island is the most mesmerizing sight on the entire continent!

It is one thing to travel to any modern city for vacationing and another to find peace at a place like this. When you land here, you will be startled by the breathtaking sights around Lake Titicaca.

Amazing Uros Touring Facilities

This place is known for its well-maintained tourism and its unique characteristics. The tour companies provide cost-effective packages for people to learn the traditions and the customs of the Uros.

Explore the Uros on a Tour

Many tour operators are offering affordable packages to visit the Uros. Which one to choose depends on who you prefer because they all have the same itinerary. Two of my favorite tour companies that I recommend:

The Edgar Adventures provides 1/2 day package, the Uros reed floating Islands tour. On this trip, you spend most of your time exploring the island and experiencing the culture.

All Ways also has a 1/2 day tour where you get a chance to visit two floating islands and learn about their daily activities.

Easy to Get to the Uros Islands

From Lima, you can fly to the Juliaca airport that is 50 km away from the lake. You can also take the bus from La Paz or the train from Cusco. Once you get there, you can get on a ferry boat from Copacabana to get to Lake Titicaca.

Visit any Time of the Year

Because of Puno’s consistent temperatures, you can visit during any season and enjoy the time of your life here.

uro-island-peruFinal Thoughts!

I am pretty sure you have had your fair share of visiting popular cities and eating in the most expensive restaurants. If you are bored with the same scenery, exotic nightlife, and costly bars, then head to Puno to celebrate the New Year.

There are tons of activities to do. You can either taste the savory plate of trout and later, ride in the totora reed boat for a low fare.

However, to get a view of the whole island independently, you need to watch your finances accordingly. Besides, the tours are cheap; this exciting adventure will not throw-off your budget!

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