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Phuket Bangla Road: Embark on the Ultimate Adventure with This Unforgettable Vacation Bucket List

Located in the Andaman Sea, the beaches and Bangla Road in Patong Beach are mainly the reasons tourists go to Phuket. Phuket has the most popular beaches in Thailand, white crystals sand, and clear turquoise waters.

The nightlife, exotic women, the ladyboys define Bangla Road, a man’s dream. Each side street has its unique character; some have beer bars, go-go bars, discos, nightclubs, and shops. At night, Bangla Road goes through a transformation – the crowd gets crazier, the music louder, the streets packed, and the entertainments more provocative.

During my travels, I have not been to any place that resembles the pandemonium on Bangla Road – blazing neon lights, and music blasting out into every street corners. The center of Phuket sex industry. The adult shows are confined on Sois Bangla Road and do not expect any subtlety.  Some people may be disgusted, others fascinated by the shows, which are not for the most conservative hearts.

So much to do and to see, that you need a full weekend to explore. But, don’t be deceived to see a free show; and instead, get charged exorbitant fees, for cover and drinks. They can be intimidated when you refuse to pay.

Tips: Do not stay in a hostel around Bangla Road because of the noise. I cannot recommend my hostel because of its location but find a list of hostels for other options. Also, Here is a list of some great tips while planning your Phuket trip.

In Thailand, seeing very young Thai women, with older men, who can be their father and even, grandfather, make me uncomfortable. But, the men not only support the wife or girlfriend but also their immediate family members.

It is hard for women to make a living in most countries. Many women around the world, especially in third world countries, do not have the opportunity to be educated, own property, earn a fair and equal wage.

I am more grateful to live in a country, where I have opportunities and choices.

Things to Do

In Phuket, I love the tour to the Ao Phang-Nga National park, the largest protected area of original mangrove forest remaining in Thailand. Enjoy the snorkeling and canoeing.

The Khao Ping Kan island, known as the James Bond island, stands tall in Phang Nga Bay. The Tham Kang Kao (Bat Cave) that sinks underwater, when the water tide rises. Tham Kong-Kang (mangrove cave), made of karst limestone.

Phuket expands my world views. Sometimes, we spend too much time living in a “bubble,” and we form our opinions of others, based on our norms and values from Phuket.

My Takeaway

Traveling allows us to get out of that comfort zone.  We come back a different person: sympathetic, appreciative and a better understanding of the world.

Although, we all have the same basic needs, the ability to provide for our family. But, we do not have equal opportunity because life is not that fair to everyone.

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  1. Its the first time im hearing this place……looks to be very exciting ???? thanks for sharing those tips as well very helpful x

  2. Hey Magdala!
    I love to travel and you’ve been posting some wonderful places that I have not visited yet. These photos of Thailand are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing your experiences in all the places you visited.

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