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Panama Beyond The Cruise Ship: Five Places You Must Visit

Are you thinking of a place to go for Spring Break?

Most people have visited Panama while on a cruise ship. However, Panama should be more than a pass-through, a one day stop. It has the most diverse economy, vibrant culture and various things to do.

Panama is a beautiful place to visit that has plenty of things to offer. From exciting cities to coffee plantations to quiet villages, to pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and mountains. The country has a rich history, culture, and tradition.

The capital city of the country is Panama City; it has an abundance of attractions for the whole family. This country is located at the intersection of 2 continents and two oceans. It boasts everything you wish for when looking for an exciting vacation. We have highlighted the top places you must see in Panama and why it is more than just a stopover.


Here are my reasons why you should visit Panama.

 It’s History

Panama is a small country with a rich history. There was once a time when the county was under water. Now, it is a land bridge that connects South and North America. The Spanish used it as the bridge to carrying gold from Peru to Spain. Nearly 1/3 gold of the world has been passed through Panama. When you visit this place, you can walk through this trial. The country is home to numerous historical sites that will tell you a bit of history of Panama.


Another reason for visiting Panama is that it is tropical heaven. It is home to some of the most exotic and diverse wildlife. There are various biological corridors because of its location. The country is nearly covered with forests and mangrove wetlands. According to a report, the country has 255 mammals, 972 bird species, and 10,444 types of plants.

Diverse Culture

One of the top reasons to visit Panama is its culture. There are 7 Indian tribes in the country; you can visit Embera–Wounaan to know more about their culture. All across the country, you can see the influence of Guaymis. Other tribes that you can find in the jungle is Bribri and Teribe. For the best experience, you should go to Kuna Yala. It has over 400 coconut clad islands, and clear blue Caribbean water is excellent for snorkeling. Furthermore, you can have fun on the white sand beaches and spend time with your loved ones in an intimate environment in the small cabins. Hence, Panama is the perfect place to visit to witness its varied culture.

Adventurous Vacation

The country is the best place for a thrilling and adventurous trip. You can go for diving and snorkeling in the most popular Oceans, Pacific, and the Caribbean. You can spend a great time on the pristine beaches. This place is perfect for thrill seekers and adventure lovers as you can go kayaking on the 2000 miles long coast. It is an ideal place to enjoy various water sports.

If you are a nature lover, you can use for hiking in the jungle trails or to the mountaintop. There you can enjoy a pleasant and fantastic view from the top. The nightlife in the country is exciting and lively. So, Panama is an excellent choice for a thrilling vacation as you can choose the adventure you want to have.

Top Attractions To See in Panama

The country features plenty of forests, mountains, and beaches. Here are the top attractions that you can enjoy in Panama.

Panama Canal

Panama Canal is one of the modern-day that is considered as the ultimate accomplishment of the 20th century. This canal stretches across the Panama Isthmus that connects 1,700 ports and 160 countries around the world. This canal was constructed to give a safe passage to the ships to travel between Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This marks its importance in the international trade. Panama Canal has become a significant attraction for tourists.

Casco Viejo Panama

Moreover, it is the perfect place to have a coffee at the Plaza Bolivar. You can explore the markets or indulge in the picturesque view of the sun setting from Plaza Francia. At night, every corner and alley is filled with music; the nightlife here is vibrant.

Causeway – Amador Causeway Island

Another great place to visit in Panama is Amador Causeway. This is a boardwalk that has a variety of things to do, from international and national restaurant to nightclubs to museums. The place has numerous open parks where you can rent roller skates, bike, and skateboard. This area provides an amazing opportunity to have fun in the sun, family outings, cocktails, and dining.

Avenida Balboa

One of the most significant upmarket areas in the Panama City is Avenida Balboa. This strip is 3.5 km long that runs along the Pacific Ocean. This is a financial district that is home to numerous buildings and places to see. Some of the places you can see includes:

•    The Arts Tower
•    Bisca Financial Center
•    YOOPanama
•    Torre Waters
•    Rivage
•    Toree Megapolis

Panama Viejo

Another great place to visit for history and art lovers is Panama Viejo. This is one of the oldest European settlements that was founded in 1519 on the Pacific coast. The area has preserved the original street of the old city. Its architecture is a unique mixture of French, Spanish, and early American. The town was abandoned, and it is a must-visit place where you can see the ruins. A must-see building is The Cathedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion that was built in 1619.

This is one of the well-preserved architecture in the area. There are several other buildings that you should see.

In the end, Panama is the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. Whether you want to know a bit of history of Panama or enjoy on its excellent beaches, you will not spend a moment without fun.

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