Georgetown Unveiled: Exploring the Charms of Guyana’s Capital on a Memorable Walking Tour

In the heart of Georgetown, you see the remains of the colonial periods. The influential Dutch-style architecture and history are very noticeable around the city.

The real way to discover the city is with a tour company. You can grab a map and explore it by yourself. But, if time is of an essence and you cannot stand the sweltering heat, it’s better to go on a private tour.

Several companies offer city tours, and Rainforest tours has the most exciting trips in Guyana. I enjoyed visiting Georgetown and here is a list of some of my favorite places around the city.

Stabroek Market

Stabroek Market is one of Georgetown’s iconic landmarks located on Water Street, in the center of downtown. Built in 1881, the four-faced clock standing on top of the red Dutch architecture can be seen from the center of the city.

The Stabroek market, which covers 76,728 square feet area, has everything you want, from local vegetables, accessories, clothing, and food. It is also the most famous public market in the Caribbean.

For some people, it can be very overwhelming going to Stabroek market alone. Many great companies provide tours of the city for a reasonable price.

St. George’s Cathedral

Standing at 132 feet, St. George’s Cathedral is considered the second tallest wooden building in the world. Sir Arthur Bloomfield designed the structure around 1899. Inside the cathedral, you can feel the history of the Anglican church dated back to the 1700’s.

Once you step inside, the beauty of the structure come into life. Inside the church, there are the gothic arches, clustered columns, and stained-glass windows. The chandelier hanging over the altar was given to the church by Queen of Victoria. St. George’s Cathedral is now a designated a national monument, and a must see in Georgetown.

The Red House

ddi-jagan-houseThe bright red wallaba shingles building is where Cheddi Jagan once lived from 1961-1964. The building is now a research center focusing on his life, philosophies, and work when he was the Premier of British Guyana.

Walter Roth Museum

amerindian-architectureTo learn the history of the Amerindians, the Walther Roth Museum is the place to visit. It has a collection of records and artifacts of the nine Amerindians tribes in Guyana. It was constructed in the 1880’s.

The museum is devoted to research the lives of the indigene’s people. Named after Dr. Walter Roth-medical doctor, the Walter Roth Museum has the most relics of the pre-Colombian in the English Caribbean countries.

St. Andrews Kirk


The oldest church in Guyana; and St. Andrews Kirk is a landmark of the country’s European civilizations. It was built in 1811 during the Dutch rule and it was used as a sign for incoming ships.

The lighthouse


The structure stands tall at 103 feet. The wooden lighthouse was built by the Dutch in 1817. The tower is visible from 30-40 miles, and there is an administrative office located at the bottom.

You can see the 24 inches telescope once housed at the Lighthouse at the Natural Museum of Guyana. Why should crawl up the 138 steps to the top? It is because the view is fantastic and worth every step.

Queen Victoria Monument


H.R. Hope Porter of London created the marble sculpture of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Standing at the formerly Victoria Law courts, this monument signifies the British influence in Guyana.

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

cathedral-guyana Sir Leonard Stokes created the cathedral in 1915. What’s unique about this church is that the stuff used to build it came from different parts of Guyana, the Wolga at the Essequibo River, granite obtained from the quarries of Dalli and the sand at the Leguan.

Parliament Building

parliament-buildingThe Parliament Building, a renaissance architecture, was designed by Caesar Castellani. It is the place where the Guyanese Parliament meets.

Botanical Gardens

One of the favorite spots for locals to bring families and hang out with friends. The Botanical Gardens has a diverse collection of flowers and species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. A beautiful place to relax and soak some nature, and take a tour of the gardens.

There is plenty to do in Guyana. Check out my blog on visiting the Kaieteur Falls by land and my five-day itinerary to help you plan your stay in Guyana. The Essequibo River boat tour and the Bartica are a must see.

Post your comments below. What is your favorite place in Georgetown?



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