Exploring the Best of Guyana: A 5-Day Adventure to Immerse Yourself in Nature, Culture, and Adventure

Guyana may not be recognized as a big tourist stop. You’ll miss out visiting a fantastic destination if Guyana is not on your list of countries.

The only items you need are a passport, a plane ticket and an openness to an adventure. It is not the Caribbean islands, with white sandy beach and a layback attitude. It is different, and that’s the reason it is a special place to visit.

You’ll enjoy Guyana more when you visit the interior. The capital Georgetown is similar to any other cities in the world, congested and unbearable traffic. However, the interior shows you another facet of Guyana. The mangroves, intertwined rivers, and forest are what Guyana is all about.

My blog on five cool things you need to know before you go to Guyana will help you get a feel for the place and people. There are many exciting things to do in Guyana.

Here is a five-day itinerary to start your vacation in right directions.

Day 1: Appreciate the wonder of Kaieteur Falls

Let me first say, you cannot and should not leave Guyana without visiting the Kaieteur Falls. It is not like the other famous waterfalls.

Stand at the height of 741 ft; it is five times the height of Niagara Falls. Many species call the area home, the tiny golden frog which lives in the water that collects in the tank bromeliads. While walking through the park, you can see the male guianan Cock-of-the-Rock go through a bright orange dance off to attract the females.

You will spend two hours in the park. There are three different views, the Rainbow, Boyscout’s, and Johnson’s. Two of the viewpoints are named after the men who discovered them. The Boyscout’s is a closer view of the falls.

You have to book it with a tour company. It is a one-hour plane ride from Georgetown. Light snacks and water are provided.

Day 2: Explore the Essequibo / Mazaruni River Area

The Essequibo is one of the largest rivers in Guyana, and about 150,000 people live along the coast. The majority make their living farming and fishing.

Cruise along the number of inhabited and habited islands. There are 365 islands on the Essequibo River. You’ll visit the remaining of the Old Dutch Fort Zealandia and Dutch Heritage Museum. Take a swim in the Saxcali beach or cool off under the Baracara Water Falls.

Stop by the Bartica island where the Bartica Regatta is held during Easter. Spend the afternoon at Aruwai Resort White H2o and relax by the swimming pool.

Day 3: Take a Demerara River Sunset Cruise

On this cruise, you’ll catch the most beautiful sunset in Guyana. You’ll be cruising up the Demerara River and see the city of Georgetown, its rivers, and natural life.

Day 4: Spend a day at Arrow Point Nature Resort

Arrow Point name derives from many Arrow trees, which the Amerindians use to make their arrows for hunting. With a rainforest backdrop, this pleasant resort is an excellent place for people who enjoy being in nature. It is an awe-inspiring place to spend a night meditating.

The quietness and beauty of the Arrow Point Nature Resort are not like any other places in Guyana. On the day trip, you’ll take a nature walk, mountain biking, canoeing, watch the birds and enjoy the charming surrounding. Spend a night to watch the sky full of stars.

Day 5 – Visit the Sloth Island Nature Reserve

Spend a night at the Sloth Island Nature Reserve or take a 10-hour tour from Georgetown. On the 10-hour day tour, you’ll visit Fort Island, do some kayaking, see the wildlife and take nature walks. But, on the overnight stay, you’ll see a glimpse of howler monkey, parrots, and various exotic birds. It is also great for those who live Guyana. You’ll take a break from the daily busy life; and the noise of the city life.

These tours are last the whole day, but they are well worth the adventure.

Where can you book these tours? First, you can start researching on the internet for tours in Guyana. It is best to call your hotel and have them book the tours for you.

And if you are looking for more exciting things to do, the Guyana Where and What travel guide has you covered with the best places to eat, drink, hotels and activities. Get this comprehensive book at the tourist office or from a tour company.

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  1. I never knew that Kaieteur Falls was taller than Niagra Falls, it sounds great! I would love to go there one day and see it!

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