Discover Chile: The Vibrant Culture and Beautiful Landscapes!

If Chile is not at least on your top 10 countries to visit, then let me convince you why it should be.  

With a diverse set of climates and biomes in its country, Chile is home to over 20 million people with a mixing pot of European and Amerindian (Indigenous), making it the 66th most populous nation in the world. It is most popular for its production of a third of its copper and the largest producer of Iodine, as well as being the 2nd highest in Lithium and Molybdenum. 

From its food to its music, Chile creates this vibrant environment for everyone of all ages to enjoy. When walking around the streets of Santiago, you will find bands on the street engulfing your ears and the smell of authentic cuisine blanketing your nose. Truly something that will boost your serotonin and brush away the stress from constant work.  

For the people who are nature walkers or history fanatics, I suggest you would like a hike at one of the nature landmarks in Chile.  El Yeso Dam was a beautiful and quiet place to take a stroll, the mountains and waters were breathtaking to look at. I also suggest going to the historical museum and taking a glimpse at its cultural history at its finest. 

There are many more activities, stores, and cafes that you can explore as a solo trip or even as a family trip. Comment down below your experience in Chile and let know if there are more fun things to do there.  

Happy Travels! 

~Live the life you want~

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