Delightful Chile: An Exciting Experience in Good Vegan Dishes

Chile is truly a gem waiting to be explored, boasting breathtaking landmarks and architectural wonders that never fail to captivate. Yet, amidst all its splendor, what truly stole my heart was its cuisine. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but it also tantalizes the taste buds with its delectable flavors, all while catering to the dietary preferences of those living the vegan lifestyle. Let me paint a picture of my culinary adventure in Chile treated me to a feast fit for a king.

To kick off your Santiago adventure with a burst of flavor, take a stroll through the bustling streets and you’ll stumble upon vibrant street markets teeming with life. You can indulge in a pound of the most luscious strawberries imaginable. I still remember the ones I bought – each one bursting with sweetness and refreshing juiciness. They became my go-to midnight snack for the week, adding a delightful touch of indulgence to my evenings.

During my stay in Chile, I stumbled upon a gem of a restaurant with an ambiance so warm and inviting, it felt like a hug from home. That place was Katako Vegan in Santiago. I treated myself to a delectable vegan wrap paired with a heavenly slice of tiramisu. The flavors danced on my palate, and I couldn’t help but marvel at how such simple ingredients could create such culinary magic. It was a meal that nourished not just my body, but also my soul, leaving me with fond memories of Chilean hospitality and cuisine.

For lunch, I found this Mediterranean café called Luco Italiano Mediterraneo and got myself a vegan hotdog with tomatoes as my topping. The hotdog was juicy and saucy with a burst of flavor. Truly the highlight of the entire trip.

               The next restaurant that I came across to was a little ramen place called Mitani Ramen. I got a vegan miso ramen which was so good. They had two formulations of the dish, one of them being the one I got that was non-spicy while the other dish did.

               I ended the day with a nice cold dessert at Mo Gelateria, a small cup of chocolate ice cream, something simple but very delectable and creamy.

Exploring local eateries is one of the best parts of traveling. Share your favorite cafés or restaurants that you enjoyed during your visit. Let’s exchange recommendations and inspire each other to discover new culinary delights! Happy Travels!

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