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COVID 19 New Travel Restrictions in Specific Countries

COVID 19 has wreaked havoc on the travel world. Some countries currently have quite strict travel restrictions, while others are at least asking Americans and people from other countries to quarantine or provide negative COVID test results when they arrive.

It can be difficult to know which countries have stricter requirements than others, which is why the following information will be beneficial to you.

5 Countries with the Strictest Travel Restrictions


Canada has one of the strictest travel restrictions in place, thanks to COVID 19. Currently, only permanent residents of the country and their immediate family members can enter the country. They must not be showing any symptoms or be positive for COVID. They must also plan on staying in the country for at least fifteen days before leaving again. The border between Canada and the US is still closed unless a person is traveling for essential business.

 Sint Maarten

 No one is allowed to enter Sint Maarten. That means no flights or cruise ships can arrive at this island country at any time now or in the near future. There is also a daily curfew in place for those living there.


 Morocco is currently under a state of emergency, and all the border checkpoints are closed. The only items that can get through the checkpoints are those that are considered shipments of cargo. Therefore, no one can enter this country from any other country in the world.


 Anyone from foreign countries is not allowed to enter Paraguay during their current travel restrictions. All international flights have been canceled, and the land border checkpoints are permanently closed until further notice. A person that does manage to get granted permission to enter Paraguay must quarantine for fourteen days.


 Currently, no one can travel to Curacao, thanks to the COVID 19 travel restrictions. There is also a twenty-four-hour curfew in place for those who do live in this country.

3 Countries Where Americans Must Quarantine or Provide Negative COVID Test Results Upon Arrival


 Americans traveling to France will be required to present a negative COVID test result upon their arrival. The test results must be within less than seventy-two hours of arrival. Those who fail to show negative test results will be required to quarantine for fourteen days.


 Americans must quarantine for fourteen days when they arrive in Ireland. All American travelers should expect to be checked on throughout their quarantine period to ensure compliance.

 United Kingdom

 Americans arriving in the UK must quarantine for fourteen days upon their arrival. Everyone must also complete an online travel form within forty-eight hours of their arrival.

These are the countries with some of the most stringent and strictest travel restrictions and where Americans must either present a negative COVID 19 test or quarantine upon their arrival. There are many other countries with similar rules and regulations, though. Therefore, you must be prepared to check the current travel restrictions for the location you would like to visit in the future.

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