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Workation Wonders: Discover 5 Spectacular Remote Work Destinations for Productivity and Inspiration

Looking for a Change of Scenery?

It has been a long year filled with restrictions and quarantine. Many of us have been working from home and skipping out all the travel we would generally be doing.  If you are like so many other people, you are tired of looking at the same four walls, as you are working remotely from home. Thankfully, there are a few fantastic places to work from home, and they will give you a complete change in scenery.

The Caribbean is full of sunshine and soft sandy beaches. The cost to travel to many Caribbean destinations is a lot cheaper right now. Once you add in less COVID restrictions and have a little fun, you have the perfect new working from home location even during working hours.

5 Amazing Places to Work Remotely


Bonaire is one of the ABC Islands within the Leeward Antilles. The weather is warm and sunny all year long. This means you can easily have a beach day whenever your workload is light or you need a day off. Palm trees are always swaying outside the windows, so you will have paradise insight as you work away on your computer. The best part about working remotely on this island is it will be easy to find the inspiration you need for any project you are working on.


Down in Anguilla, there have been less than ten cases of COVID. That means there are very few restrictions and limited quarantine. You can easily travel to Anguilla to work remotely. During the days you need a little extra help focusing, you can wander down to the beach to walk along the shore. Of course, the sand will always be waiting for you at the end of your workday as well.

St. Barth

Barth offers a travel destination that you can reach by a flight with low airfare. The hotels are priced low, so you can easily stay much longer than planned during your work from home getaway. There have been less than twenty-three cases of COVID in this Caribbean destination and no deaths. The sun shines in St. Barth all year long, and it is easy to spend time on any of the fourteen different beaches on the island.


Dominica is part of the Windward Islands. It is well-known for its natural environment. Depending on where you stay on this island, you can find yourself looking out the windows to lush rainforests. Imagine working from home and seeing many of the native animals that live in the forest. Add in the ability to venture down to the beach every single day, and you will finally have found your paradise for working remotely.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis are neighboring islands within the West Indies. The locals all speak English on these two islands, so you will never have any communication issues when you are working remotely. While this is an excellent place to work from home, you may find it is slightly more challenging to do so when games are being played at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium. However, the best part about working on these islands is you can quickly expand your knowledge by taking classes at one of the universities.

These are five amazing places to work remotely when you need a change of scenery during the recent restrictions and quarantine measures. You can easily travel to any of these destinations, and before you know it, your working from home scenery will have changed to one of paradise.

Also, check out these other great destinations to visit after COVID19: Take a stroll in the countryside in Iceland, Visit Guyana’s amazing waterfall, and explore the ruins in Guatemala.

Have you been to those islands?I would love to hear about your experience. Post it below, 

Happy Travels!


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