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Unveiling Rio’s Vibrant Canvas: Exploring the Street Art Scene in Brazil’s Cultural Capital

The Brazil street art scenes are known around the world. The most famous mural graffiti, titled Etnias, a Guinness World Record, can be seen in Rio De Janeiro, along the Rio waterfront. Stemming from the 2016 Rio Olympics games, the Etnias displays various cultures and tribes worldwide.

If you do not get a chance to visit the Etnias mural, you can see some lesser-known wall paintings around Rio that portray the Brazilian culture, music scene, and diversity.

Drop in the comments section below, your favorite street arts in Rio De Janeiro. If you are not into the art scenes in Brazil and interested in nature, I would recommend visiting Iceland. You can also check out my blog about the top activities you can do in Peru. If history and architecture are your thing, my top picks would be Cuba and Ecuador.

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