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Belize on a Budget: Unforgettable Adventures with 6 Free and Fun Activities to Explore

Belize might be smaller than its Central American neighbors, but its diversity, dense jungle, and sea shorelines will make you fall in love with this tiny country. A former British colony, it is the only country in Central America, where English is the official language, and Spanish is also spoken.

There are not too many countries like Belize where you spend time sunbathing in the Caribbean Sea, and then, the next day, go venturing into the wilderness. Belize has the best tourist attractions. You can go diving, caving, Maya temples, and fishing.

Of course, once you add in the cultural aspect, you will quickly realize there are too many things to do that you need to spend more time to see it all. Here are my top six things you should not miss when in Belize.

Here are my five reasons why you should visit Belize:

1.      Spend time Bird Watching

There are so many places to go bird watching in Belize, but the Crooked Tree Village is often considered the best. While many birds can be found in the wetland sanctuary, do not discount those that you can see in the lagoons that surround the road on the way into the village.

2.      Hit the Art Galleries

Visiting an art gallery is an excellent way to learn more about the art and culture of Belize, and the two that are the best to see, the Belizean Melody Art Gallery and the Lola Art Gallery. You may also feel tempted to purchase some of the jewelry and gifts that are for sale, besides the works of arts. Over at Lola’s Art Gallery, you will quickly discover that Lola is one of Belize’s most famous artists, and she is sometimes at the Gallery to chat with the visitors.

3.      Stroll in the San Ignacio Market

There are markets all over the world, and while you may think that you do not need to visit another one during your travels. The San Ignacio Market is an excellent place to watch the locals go about their daily routines. As you wander from one stall to the next, you will find vegetables, fruits, handmade clothing items, and medicinal herbs for sale.

4.      Sunbathing on the Beach

The Split is one of the beaches where the most action takes place in Belize because it is where the island is separated into two with a narrow waterway in the middle. When you visit this part of Belize, all you need to do is place your towel on the sand, sit down, and watch those people who are all around you.

The other beach that you must visit while in the Ambergris Caye area is Secret Beach. This beach’s name may exude secretive thoughts, but in reality, almost everyone knows about its location! However, Secret Beach is off the beaten path, and there are times when you could be the only person walking along the sandy shoreline.

5.      Attend a Sidewalk Art Festival

Art is everywhere in Belize, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised that there is a Sidewalk Art Festival in Placencia every year. There is no fee to enter the festival, and as you wander around looking at the arts created by local artisans, you can easily listen to live music.

6.      Caye Caulker

This beautiful part of Belize will have you wondering if you ever really need to return home because it has everything you would want and more! While you will need to walk or ride a bicycle around Caye Caulker. It could be a small inconvenience for some, but it will quickly be forgotten as you are bird watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, and dining on fresh seafood. You would need to pay for the seafood, but everything else is completely free!

Yes, most things do indeed have a cost when you are traveling, but when you are visiting Belize, you can find multiple options that are free for you to do. Take advantage of them and see the best of what this part of the world can offer to you!


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