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5 Things You Need to Know Before Staying in a Hostel

Hostels are great options when it comes to accommodations when traveling because they are always much cheaper than regular hotel rooms. I have stayed in many of hostels during my travels as they are a great place to meet other fellow travelers and share experiences. However, there are a few things that you need to be aware of if you want to enjoy your experience fully!

Here are five things you need to know before staying in a hostel:

1. Do Your Research

Not every hostel is the same, which is why it is necessary for you to do your homework before you book your stay. Even the savviest hostel travelers can forget before they travel, and then they end up in a horrendous hostel that completely ruins their trip. The best way to see if the hostel on your list is going to be amazing is to read the reviews and even talk to other travelers. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about a place from fellow hostel-goers!

2. Choosing Dorms vs. Private Rooms

In the past, most hostels only offered dorm-style rooms, which was fine for those who were in their twenties. However, now that more and more of the older generations are considering staying in hostels, a larger number of private rooms are popping up everywhere. Yes, these private rooms are slightly more expensive than the dorm style rooms, but you won’t need to worry about listening to someone snore from across the room all night long! That isn’t to say that the dorm style rooms are bad, as they are great options, especially if you are only staying for a night or two and just need a place to lay your head for a few hours.

3. Location of the Hostel

The location of the hostel that you choose is crucial, especially if you do not want to worry about transportation while you are there. Some of the best hostels can be found near public transportation routes, making them perfect for those shorter day trips and longer evenings out.

4. The Atmosphere of the Hostel

Some hostels are louder than others, so as you are doing your research, you will want to determine whether the hostel you are considering is part of the party crowd or the more older crowd. There is nothing wrong with either type, but the wrong choice could have you up all hours when you want to sleep. You do not want to be sleeping when you want to be awake and having fun!

5. Think Safety

Hostels are generally safe places; however, that doesn’t mean that someone won’t ruin it for everyone at some point in time. For that reason, it is recommended that you bring a safety lock with you to lock up your belongings. After all, you don’t want to leave for your excursion and come to the dorm to find that your tablet or other personal belongings suddenly gone! A few hostels will rent you a lock to you or have lockers, but it is always best to think ahead and be prepared in case you arrive at in a hostel that doesn’t have that option.

Once you have found the perfect hostel that fit your needs, you will be ready to travel and start having the adventure of a lifetime. Just don’t forget to bring all your necessities with you including shampoo, soap, shower cap, towels, a favorite blanket, and a flashlight. These things probably won’t be provided for you, and you’ll have a difficult time living without them.

Hostels are great for any sorts of traveler, solo, couple or family. They are an excellent place to get the full exposure to the country. The people who run these hostels are so down to earth and will show you the most authentic experience during your stay. I have so much fun staying in hostels than most high-end hotels, and I would recommend that anyone considers them as an option.

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