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Portugal Unveiled: 5 Compelling Reasons to Experience the Charms of this Enchanting European Destination

Portugal is a fascinating country filled with history and gorgeous scenery. When you choose to visit this spectacular destination, you will have the opportunity to see and explore so many things. Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is worth adding to your bucket list.

Consider yourself lucky as you venture from one city to the next. You see stunning medieval castles, villages filled with cobblestone streets, and maybe a few ghosts from the past near the stone carvings from twenty thousand years ago.

Portugal has a rich culture shaped by the Moorish, Celtics, Sephardic, and more. You will find all these influences in the cuisine, architecture, and music.

Here are my 5 Reasons You Should add Portugal to your list of places to visit.

Lisbon_Square1.      Impressive Architecture

Everywhere you look in Lisbon, and you will see architecture that will make you want to stop and gaze for hours.  Architecture dated back to the 1500s – 1800s, you feel like you are inside a museum while roaming around the city. Portugal has twenty-two World Heritage sights, and that’s incredible! The beautiful landscapes, monuments, and historical city centers make the city unforgettable.

You will love the medieval castles that haven’t changed much from the past. Pay close attention to everything, as you will not want to miss even the most minute details while strolling around the city.

2.      Savory Dishes

Mediterranean cuisine has many influences on Portugal. Although European foods are considerably delicious, nothing compares to Portuguese cooking. Portugal is mainly famous for its fresh seafood dishes.

You will find yourself craving for more after getting back from vacation. The grilled sardines and sausages (Alheira) will tantalize your taste buds. The Stone Soup, Feijoada, which is bean with pork and beef stew, will melt in your mouth.

Before you leave, get a taste of the Peihinhos da Horta, which means “little fishes from the garden,” one of the traditional dishes. Acorda, a typical Portugal dish, consist of bread, garlic, olive oil, poached eggs, and vinegar.

Of course, enjoy every Portuguese meal must with a glass or two of Portuguese wine, especially the Port of Lisbon Wine. The sweetness, aromas, and colors of the wine make it very famous around the world. Try a new variety with every meal, as you may find that you have more than one favorite before you return home.

3.      Classic Fardo Music

There are many different music genres in Portugal, but Fado happens to be the most popular. This type of music is considered traditional or folk music. The best places to listen to Fardo in Lisbon is either at Clube de Fado or Sr. VInho.
If you are not a fan of that type of music, there are many other types of music played in the clubs and bars throughout Portugal!  You can easily find Kizomba, Pimba, pop, hip hop, ska, and even Reggae during your visit. Portugal has a vibrant music and nightlife. Get ready to stay all night hopping from bars to bars and clubs to clubs.

4.     Stunning Azores Islands

The Azores Islands in Portugal are fabulous, but it can be quite challenging to determine which ones will make it to your itinerary. While we love São Miguel, Santa Maria, Corvo, Graciosa, and Flores are also excellent options that you will like.

Of course, you can visit all nine islands, but only if you have enough time to dedicate to each one. São Miguel is the easiest one to get to, and it is packed with so many things to do. On this island, you can see the ancient volcano craters and take a dip in the outdoor hot spring.

Santa Maria is best to visit in August when the Maré de Agosto music festival is held. Corvo is suitable for those times when you want a quiet and relaxing vacation on a tiny island. Graciosa offers an authenticity that will not change any time in the future. Flores offers a remoteness that you probably won’t find in too many other places in the world.

The islands off Portugal are worth seeing and offer you a different type of vacation. They are a great place to spend a night or two to recover from Lisbon’s crazy nightlife.

5.      Most Gorgeous Beaches

A few of the best beaches in the world can be found in Portugal, so visit at least a few of them during your time in the country. Algarve is the area that is the most popular for its pristine beaches and a significant tourist destination.

But every beach within the country has soft sand, gorgeous views, and sparkling water that will instantly invite you in for a swim and sunbathing.

Let us start with the Praia De Marinha, which is known for its limestone cliffs and walking trails. You will be amazed by the crystal clear water and fine sand. Your next destination is the Praia do Carvoeiro, a quaint village where you can find some tranquility and charm. Interested in exploring sea caves and hiking, stop by the Praia de Benagil. You will find this small town awe-inspiring and memorable.

After visiting several countries, Portugal is still my top 5 favorite places. What I like the most about Portugal are the vibrant nightlife, savory dishes, and friendly people.

Let’s us know what you think of Portugal and your recommendation of places to visit.

Happy Travels,


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