Kaieteur Falls Adventure: A Thrilling 5-Day Itinerary for Exploring Guyana’s Natural Wonder

Guyana is located on the continent of South America and is the home to some of the largest animals in the world. Located in the Potaro/Siparuni region of Guyana, its major attraction, the Kaieteur Falls, is the World’s famous single drop waterfall. Its impressive combination of height and force make it a compelling and memorable place to visit.

The Kaieteur Falls Natural Park is never crowded because travelers tour in small groups, which allows everyone to immerse themselves in the rugged landscape fully. You can see this natural wonder by land if you are afraid of flying. Explore Kaieteur Falls area by land with Rainforest Tours. 

When visiting Guyana, you can take the journey overland tour to the majestic falls. This adventurous trip allows you to experience an adventure from a grassroots level. Enjoy the tranquility of nature and indulge in local Guyanese delicacies.

About the Kaieteur Land Tour

Join a Group with Rainforest Tours and get on board of what is to be an exciting Journey of a lifetime.

Day 1 – Spend Overnight at Camp Amatuk

This tour departs from Georgetown very early in the morning by a public bus or 4×4 vehicle between 6:00 to 7:00 for the 9-hour trip.

During the trip, you pass through the bauxite town of Linden, then through miles and miles of lush rainforest and rolling hills. You will stop briefly at an area calls ‘58 miles’ where you will enjoy a lovely vegetarian lunch or fried local fish or chicken.

By now, you should feel rejuvenated for your next stop.

The journey will continue towards the bustling gold-mining town of Mahdia. After visiting Mahdia, you will drive for 1 hour to Pamela Landing. From there, you will take a boat for 2 ½ hours to the Amatuk Camp.

On the beautiful Amatuk island with white sands and the 170 feet drop Amatuk falls where you will camp for the night.

Take a refreshing bath in the river and enjoy a sumptuous meal. It is all you need before climbing into your hammock. The fresh and clean air will make you ready for bedtime.

Day 2 -Trek through the Jungle

The next day you leave by foot, trekking through the jungle. It is another day of adventure. Take a swim across creeks and walk across jungle bridges (tree trunks), and get on a short boat ride through the rapids. You will arrive at Waratuk where you transfer to another Boat.

You have a choice to travel either by foot for 4 hours hike or 1-hour boat ride to Tukiet. You will be amazed by the enigmatic Ibini mountain range in the distance as your constant scenery. You will arrive at Tukiet, which is at the bottom of Kaieteur Falls.

You will find a fabulous Guesthouse where you can swim in the Potaro River and a spectacular view of the gorge.  You spend the overnight at Tukiet in a hammock.

Day 3 – Hike the “Oh My God Mountain”

From Tukeit you will take a 3-hour hike to the top of Kaieteur Falls.  You climb wind way up the mountain while going through changing vegetation as the altitude rises.

Pass cool mountain streams where it is impossible to cross without a dip.  The final stage of the climb is known as ‘Oh my God’ mountain. Did you say that you liked challenges? This climb will challenge you both physically and mentally.

With your backpack strapped securely unto your back and water bottle within easy reach, you begin your hike. But on reaching the top of  ‘Oh my God’ mountain all is forgotten as you get your first glimpse of the mighty Kaieteur Falls.

The feeling of achievement is indescribable as you proudly view the grandeur of the mighty Kaieteur Falls. At sunset, thousands of swifts gather the sky like dark clouds then plunge into the water of the fall, to nest on the rock behind the waterfall.

Day 4 – Explore the Kaieteur Natural Park

The second-day visit of the Kaieteur Falls Park and its surroundings. Overnight at Kaieteur Guest House in a hammock.

The early morning mist of Kaieteur gives access to a fantastic view of the falls. The Johnson View shows a frontal sight of the fall. We will explore the area where the Cock-Of-The Rock and the golden frog spend their entire life from tadpole to maturity in the Bromeliad.

We will also hear the folk tales of ‘Old Kaie’- who they said saved his people from the warlike Caribs by sacrificing himself sailing over Kaieteur Falls.

Day 5 – Departure from Kaieteur

It is time to depart by scheduled flight to Mahdia Airport the official check-in point (3hrs ground time) and onwards to Georgetown.

You may get a final spectacular aerial view of Kaieteur Falls. And the gorge and the impressive stretch of rainforest and rivers which will also hold the memories of your adventure forever.


If you are interested in this exciting and adventurous tour, you can contact Rainforest Tours:


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